is now owned by Level3

Now, we provide Business Class internet services via Level 3.

Do you need help with your Business Internet or Voice lines?  We can help you get the following for your business and voice:

  1. Business class only
  2. Dedicated circuits
  3. Symmetrical speeds
  4. 99.999% guaranteed uptime
  5. Proactive monitoring
  6. Anywhere in the USA
  7. Local support teams

We still provide the following services for all Windows, Mac and Linux/Unix Operating Systems.

Residential and Business:

  1. Hardware/Software upgrades and issues
  2. 3rd party hardware/software upgrades and issues
  3. Networking installs and troubleshooting for Wireless and Ethernet
  4. New Internet Service Provider turn up and issues
  5. Printers, Camera and other external devices
  6. Hacked / Anti-hacking / Spyware / Malware
  7. WebSite Design and Trouble Shooting
  8. PCI Compliance
  9. Paperless Office Solutions
  10. Office and Datacenter migrations
  11. Third party software issues
  12.  Business Class ISP

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